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Online Shop Instructions

To purchase online you must first register with the site. Once registered, you will have access to:

  1. Online shopping.
  2. Our comprehensive range of stock and all supporting documentation.
  3. Specialised consultations and customised solutions.
  4. Discounts & Promotional offers.
  5. Track your order through DHL & TNT.
  6. View/Pay Outstanding Credit Invoices On-Line (administrative privileges required).
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  1. Find stock using the Search box (located in the top right corner). Search by product description or part number.

  2. Browse the catalogue by using the index on the left hand side. Refine the product range by following the sub-headings within the index. To expand any level above your current choice, simply click on that level in the index

  3. Final index levels are split by manufacturer if more than one supplies products within this classification.

  4. Use the Manufacturer button to filter the entire site by your manufacturer of choice. Remember to remove the filter when finished.

  5. The red (i) beside the category name will link directly to supporting content on that product category.

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Discounts $ Promotions
  1. Promotional codes are entered in on the My Basket page.

  2. Click the Redeem button, this will return the cost less percentage discount. Discount appears in red during the checkout process.

  3. Special Offer items are easily recognisable as images are often applied that outline the savings to be made. They will be highlighted as advertisements on the right hand side of related pages and will also be readily identifiable when browsing the standard catalogue.

To view our Promotional Terms and Conditions click here

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Click the Add to Basket button when you wish to purchase.

Payment can be performed in two ways:

  1. Credit Card – MasterCard, VISA, AMEX or Laser are accepted (these details are entered onto a secure page.)

  2. Credit Account – If you have credit facilities with Carl Stuart Limited you can place an order by supplying a purchase order.

    • Apply for an Account - A successful applicant will be issued with an online credit limit. Click here to apply for an Account.

Save & Support

  1. To end your session keeping your basket as is for purchasing later, use the Save Basket option. A basket will be saved for up to 30 days, process is not fixed during this period. To end your session keeping your basket as is for purchasing later, use the Save Basket option. A basket will be saved for up to 30 days, prices maybe subject to change during this period. If you would like to fix the pricing please use the Request Assistance tab on your basket, by clicking on the button you are sending the contents of your basket to us where an official quotation will be issued by return. Quotations are valid for 30 days.


  1. Certain items do not have an accompanying price. These items are categorised as POA ("Price on Application"). We use POA for products we believe may need some customization or technical advice before being purchased.

  2. You can request a quotation/support for POA items by adding them to your basket and clicking on the Request Assistance, found on the My Basket page. By clicking on this button you are sending the contents of your basket to us, a technical support representative will contact you by return providing a quotation or the relevant support. Quotations are valid for 30 days.

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Related Products
  1. Free Delivery is offered on all on-line orders placed with delivery within Ireland and United Kingdom where the order value is greater than €50.00 / £50.00.

  2. We also deliver world wide. To check if we deliver to your area, simply go the registration section on our website. If your country appears in the drop down list of countries then we can deliver to you.

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Attribute Selection Wizard
  1. Speedy mechanism to find the product configuration you require without the need to scroll thousands of variations.

  2. Available when logged in only.

  3. The wizard uses a drop down list of attributes (features) which is filtered by your preceding choice and returns the product based on your selection.

  4. Only products displaying the Attribute Selection Wizard in the product summary participate in the wizard.

  5. Click on the link or View Details button to access the wizard.

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Related Products
  1. Related products can be found in a table at the bottom right-hand side within the details page of a selected product.

  2. These are products that are commonly purchased with your original choice.

    Alternative Products

  3. Alternative products offer you CHOICE. We will provide you with the ability to compare pricing on similar products from multiple manufacturers.

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Request Quotation

If you are interested in this POA item simply fill in the form below and click the "Request Quotation" button.

Required for delivery price calculation