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WTW inoLab-Box
Part No: X-109810

1.WTW inoLab-Box

Multifunctional box (passive) for inoLab 720/730/735

Price: €145.78
WTW D 201
Part No: X-203730

2.WTW D 201

Flow-through vessel for CellOx 325 or TetraCon 325 conductivity cell, int. diameter 18 mm, V* = 13 ml (without sensor)

Price: €396.43
WTW AK 3000
Part No: X-250745

3.WTW AK 3000

Interface cable for connecting one instrument for wich LQ 300 is recommendet to P 3001

Price: €58.93
Part No: X-250746

4.WTW AK/LQ300

Interface cable for connecting one apparatus to LQ 300

Price: €58.93
WTW KS Cond 3xxi
Part No: X-2C00-001

5.WTW KS Cond 3xxi

Kit without sensor in carrying case for Cond handhelds, incl. conductivity standard 1413 µS/cm, beaker, stand

Price: €163.69
WTW KS pH/Cond 340i
Part No: X-2E00-001

6.WTW KS pH/Cond 340i

Accessories and spares for pH/Cond handhelds.Case with stand, Technical Buffers 4 and 7, 3 mol/l KCl, conductivity standard (1413 µS/cm) and beaker

Price: €187.62
Part No: X-301429


Adapter cable for connection of 2-electrode conductivity cells and temperature sensors TFK 325 or TFK 150

Price: €121.07
Part No: X-302520

8.WTW LR01/T

Ultrapure water conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor 4.9 ft (1.5 m) cable with waterproof plug, cell constant K = 0.1 cm-1

Price: €720.02
Part No: X-302530


Trace conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor and flow-through vessel, cable 4.9 ft (1.5 m), cell constant K = 0.01 cm-1

Price: €912.00
Part No: X-302750

10.WTW D01/T

Flow-through vessel, suitable for cond. cells LR 01/T, LTA 01 and LR 325/01, I.D. 18 mm V* = 1 ml (without sensor)

Price: €155.36
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