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Pocket Magnifying Lens Glass
Part No: 4AJ-9151801

1.Pocket Magnifying Lens Glass

*Quicklens* 4x Ø 40mm Pack of 12

Price: €25.96
Linen Tester *MIX* 8x
Part No: 4AJ-9151807

2.Linen Tester *MIX* 8x

20 x 20mm

Price: €13.47
Linen Tester *MIX* 7x
Part No: 4AJ-9151808

3.Linen Tester *MIX* 7x

25 x 25mm

Price: €16.05
Bifocal Magnifier *LUX-50*
Part No: 4AJ-9151817

4.Bifocal Magnifier *LUX-50*

Great Savings with Volume Discounts Qty 10 to 49 = 15% Discount Qty 50 to 99 = 17.5% Discount Qty 100 to 199 = 20% Discount Qty 200 + = 25% Discount 2.5-5 x Ø 50mm With Light

Price: €3.07
Refractor With R.A. motor Drive
Part No: 4AJ-9151830

5.Refractor With R.A. motor Drive

*Konustart 900*

Price: €158.71
Konusvue Binoculars 8x40WA
Part No: 4AJ-9151832

6.Konusvue Binoculars 8x40WA

Central focos-green Rubber

Price: €31.38
Set of 10 Slides
Part No: 4AJ-9151850

7.Set of 10 Slides

Fish frogs and other amphibians

Price: €12.70
Set of 10 Slides
Part No: 4AJ-9151851

8.Set of 10 Slides

Lizards birds and snakes

Price: €12.70
Set of 10 Slides
Part No: 4AJ-9151852

9.Set of 10 Slides

Animal reproduction

Price: €12.70
Set of 10 Slides
Part No: 4AJ-9151854

10.Set of 10 Slides

Bacteria and Simple organisms

Price: €12.70
Page 1 of 3 (Products 1-10 of 29)

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