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pH Combination Electrode, Plastic Shaft
Part No: 4AJ-9041150

1.pH Combination Electrode, Plastic Shaft

As BlueLine 24 pH, but without temperature sensor and with 1 metre long, 3mm dia. fixed cable, BNC plug. Low maintenance pH combination electrode with plastic body, Ag/AgCl reference system. With fixed cable (1m). Specifications Temperature range: -5 to 80°C pH range: 0 to 14pH Zero point: pH=7.0 ±0.3 Length / diam.: 120mm / 12mm Electrolyte: Gel Diaphragm: Fibre Membrane shape: Cylindrical Membrane resistance at 25 °C: 400M?

Price: €115.99
Double Clamp for Electrodes
Part No: 4AJ-9041331

2.Double Clamp for Electrodes

For two electrodes. Made of chemical resistant polysulphone and V4A Stainless Steel

Price: €49.69
Hotplate With Stirrer 230v
Part No: 4AJ-9720130

3.Hotplate With Stirrer 230v

Price: €975.98
Buffer Solutions pH 4.01 250ml
Part No: 4AJ-9041004

4.Buffer Solutions pH 4.01 250ml

Price: €51.23
Buffer Solutions pH 6.87 250ml
Part No: 4AJ-9041007

5.Buffer Solutions pH 6.87 250ml


Price: €51.23
Buffer Solutions pH 9.18 250ml
Part No: 4AJ-9041009

6.Buffer Solutions pH 9.18 250ml

Price: €51.23
Product Image
Part No: 4AJ-9041024

7.Buffer Solutions 1000ml

pH 4.01 With certificate

Price: €70.67
Product Image
Part No: 4AJ-9041027

8.Buffer Solutions 1000ml

pH 6.87 With certificate

Price: €70.67
Product Image
Part No: 4AJ-9041029

9.Buffer Solutions 1000ml

pH 9.18 With certificate

Price: €70.67
Product Image
Part No: 4AJ-9041032

10.Electrolytic Solution

250ml L 3504

Price: €21.48
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