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General Lab (Sarstedt AG & Co. (Desaga))

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TLC Template 200 x 100
Part No: 4AJ-9020136

1.TLC Template 200 x 100

Price: €81.30
Simultaneous Batch Separating Chamber
Part No: 4AJ-9020167

4.Simultaneous Batch Separating Chamber

For five 200 x 200mm TLC Plates

Price: €412.14
SImultaneous Batch Seperating 200x200mm
Part No: 4AJ-9020174

5.SImultaneous Batch Seperating 200x200mm

Chamber with ground cover plate

Price: €372.52
Glass Cover Plate for 9020160
Part No: 4AJ-9020177

6.Glass Cover Plate for 9020160

Price: €28.21
Micro Capillary Tubes, 10ul, 100pk
Part No: 4AJ-9020196

8.Micro Capillary Tubes, 10ul, 100pk

Includes Capillary tube holder and small bulb with aperture, which can be inserted into capillary tube and used as an effective support for filling and emptying tubes.

Price: €22.39
Special Atomizer for TLC 100ml
Part No: 4AJ-9024000

9.Special Atomizer for TLC 100ml

Price: €124.46
Part No: 4AJ-9539045


Price: €943.18
Page 1 of 4 (Products 1-10 of 40)

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