Safety washing bottle 500ml THF (Part No: 4AJ-9223393)

VITLAB VITsafe wide neck Safety Wash Bottles. PE, -LD, GL 45, Tetrahydrofurane, Vent Cap with Screw Connection

Printed with safety information in accordance with regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (GHS) and Vent-Cap screw cap.
Dispensing tube with PP tip to optimize the backflow of the medium. The lack of a spray insert and the smooth moulding of the inner tube surface make it possible to avoid almost all turbulence in the liquid.
Permanent printed labelling stating the statutory information required in accordance with GHS, as well as all important information: quadrilingual chemical name in German, English, French and Spanish, chemical formula, CAS number, hazard pictogram, signal word, hazard statements H-phrases, precautionary statements P-phrases plus NFPA code
PP bottles are autoclavable (at 121°C for 20 min.).

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Safety washing bottle 500ml THF (Part No: 4AJ-9223393)
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