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Top 7 Ways New EXO Sondes Expand Your Water Quality Monitoring

New features, sensors and now new Sondes have been part of the continual growth over the last ten years by EXO to develop the EXO Sonde System and bookmark it as the unrivalled tool to assist you in monitoring and protecting your World.

We're excited to welcome the newly released EXO-S Series Sondes as shorter, lighter, more affordable, and more sustainable versions of our best-in-class EXO Sondes.

Let's look at the top 7 ways the new EXO-S Series Sondes can help you do even more in the field!

1) Like the EXO You Know, but Smaller

EXO Sondes

Similarly, to the regular EXO Sondes, there is an option of three Sonde models to choose from in the EXO-S Series. In this series of smaller Sondes, we boast that they are purpose-built without a designated battery compartment while still providing the standard high-quality data and trustworthy performance for applications in which external power is available.

EXO Sondes

The EXO1S has the smallest diameter with four sensor ports to accommodate the most common water quality parameters (or any combination that works best for you). Combine this sonde with an EXO handheld for an extremely powerful discreet sampling solution. Plus, the removable bail gives you easier access to the cable connector to make sampling more convenient.

EXO Sondes

The EXO2S features seven ports for maximum sensor customization. Add our industry-leading central wiper to keep sensors clean from fouling during extended deployments. This sonde also includes an auxiliary port for integrating third-party sensors or daisy-chaining sondes.

EXO Sondes

The EXO3S has five ports, including the central wiper port, giving you flexibility in sensor selection as well as anti-fouling. This sonde also includes native SDI-12 communications for streamlined integration into collection platforms or installations.

2) Minimal Size for Maximum Options

EXO Sondes

Due to the reductions in length and weight by 40% ad 30% respectively, the EXO-S Sondes are able to be kept out of sight more effectively as they are able to fit into tighter spaces, whether being deployed in field stations, pipes or data buoys. The new concise design is the most clear and obvious difference between the standard Exo Sondes and the EXO_S Sondes.

3) Sampling Versatility

EXO Sondes

Because of the decreased size and weight, EXO-S Sondes make spot sampling with EXO easier than ever. As mentioned earlier, the EXO1S is perfect for spot-checking water quality with a handheld or EXO GO. This can be a great option if you already use EXO for continuous monitoring and want extra versatility in application types.  

EXO also offers extra sensor options not found on other sampling systems, such as fDOM, Rhodamine, and NitraLED UV nitrate.

4) Explore your Environment

EXO Sondes

Discover new ways to measure water quality by adding these are smaller, lighter sondes to autonomous or remote vehicles. The rQPOD lets you collect spatial data in minutes and gives you safe access to locations that are difficult or dangerous to access on foot or by boat.  

EXO-S is also an excellent choice for data buoys and floating platforms where weight and buoyancy are factors.

5) Lose the Alkaline Batteries

Prior to setting your deployment, integrating the EXO-S into a powered system is all that needs to be done, as it is powered externally and therefore makes the replacement or removal of alkaline batteries redundant – Which in turn also makes these a more environmentally conscious choice for continuous monitoring..

If you're taking an EXO-S Sonde out for sampling, the EXO handheld, EXO GO, or rQPOD will provide enough power for a full day in the field. 

6) Replacing Older Equipment

I'll cover this in more detail in a future blog post, but for now, I'll tell you the release of the EXO-S series comes with the discontinuation of the remaining 6-Series sondes. The EXO1S makes an excellent replacement for the 600R or 600XL, while the EXO3S is an ideal upgrade for the 600OMS or 6820 V2 – offering extra sensor ports, more sensor options, enhanced data quality, and additional features.  

7) Affordability

Since there are new long-term benefits of the new EXO-S series, such as less trips to the field and a lower rate of maintenance needed, it is now a more cost-conscious option to adopt the EXO platform with these Sondes in comparison to the standard EXO Sondes. Take full advantage of the unmatched sensor and parameter selection, industry-leading anti-fouling, better data with Kor Software, and data visualization with HydroSphere. 

EXO Sondes

With the EXO-S series, you have even more reliable water quality data collection options. We're excited to expand the EXO family with these new sondes. 

If you have any questions about getting started with EXO, reach out and talk to our experts.

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