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Is Field Sampling Becoming a Pain?

Are lab results taking too long? Are you getting limited data from periodic sampling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the EXO water quality sondes from YSI are the answer to your sampling problems.

Exo provides an in-situ monitoring solution that can provide large data sets. This data can be accessed immediately without the need to travel to site.

The automatic wiper cleaning system facilitates long term deployment and can significantly reduce the necessity for frequent cleaning. This provides the operator more time for data interrogation, creating an increased understanding of the system being monitored and the peace of mind that they are building a representative picture by capturing information over a long period of time.

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This system supports the measurement of parameters including:

  • Dissolved Organic Matter using the fDOM sensor
  • Total Algae PC sensor is a digital smart sensor (chlorophyll & phycocyanin)
  • pH and Oxidation Reduction Potential can be measured on one combined sensor to minimise the number of ports used
  • Electrical Conductivity and Temperature – this also provides calculated values for TDS and salinity
  • Ion Selective Electrodes for monitoring of Ammonium, Chloride or Nitrate
  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen can save on maintenance due to its optical design

We currently provide many similar systems in various projects across Ireland, including state agency and private consultancy. This has provided our customers with enhanced understanding of their test needs.

Are You Struggling with Your Samples?

Get in touch with our Environmental Technical Specialists today to discuss the amazing abilities of this monitoring system. We can work together to provide the best solution to any monitoring challenge you might face.

You can also check out our full Exo Sonde range available on our website.


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