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19 articles tagged with "life science".

Do You Know What a MFT is?

By Emma Foster on Fri 25 March 2022

Guaranteeing the security of sterile items in the drug business is without a doubt one of the field's principal challenges. Learn more about sterile drug monitoring.

Are We Familiar with All the Bacterial Resistance Mechanisms?

By Emma Foster on Fri 04 March 2022

The significance of biofilm development in industry is obvious when taking a gander at the figures: 33% of produce in the evolved way of life is lost every year because of bacterial deterioration. But do we really know what a biofilm is?

How Microplate Sealing Films Handle Pressure

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

Microplates are widely utilized in research, academia, and industry for quantitative analysis and testing of analytes and biochemical processes. In this article, there is a focus on what exactly microplate sealing films are and how they handle the pressure.

Why You Should Choose Hard-Shell PCR Microplates

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

Microplates are currently utilized for quantitative and qualitative high-throughput screening and research all around the world. Why should you choose to use hard-shell PCR microplates over standard ones?

Cell Culture Media – Supplementation of Media and Media Handling

By Emma Foster on Tue 12 October 2021

A guide to supplementation of cell culture media and media handling

Cell Cultures - Eye Examinations

By Emma Foster on Tue 12 October 2021

The general health of any culture needs to be examined before an eye examination in cell cultures. Follow these observations to examine cell cultures quickly and accurately.

Mycoplasma Contamination

By Emma Foster on Tue 12 October 2021

Mycoplasma are prokaryotic cellular organisms and the smallest cells capable of autonomous growth. How does a mycoplasma infection occur?

Cell Freezing Techniques

By Emma Foster on Tue 12 October 2021

In cell culture techniques, cells or tissues are removed from the organism (animal or plant) and introduced into an artificial environment with ideal conditions for growth. This procedure helps scientists and researchers to study and understand more about the cells.

The Role of Biological Buffers for pH Control in Tissue Culture

By Emma Foster on Fri 24 April 2020

Learn more about biological buffers and how they help to control pH within tissue culture media.

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