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3 articles tagged with "wastewater treatment".

Wastewater Treatment & COVID-19 Sewage

By Emma Foster on Wed 10 February 2021

New technologies have enabled companies and governments to use wastewater testing to identify other substances and viruses such as COVID-19 in sewage. Learn where, why, when and how these samples are collected and preserved.

Aerobic Digestion vs Anaerobic Digestion in Wastewater Treatment

By Emma Foster on Thu 28 January 2021

What is the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion in Wastewater Treatment? Learn more about the key differences between Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion and which to use when treating wastewater.

Solving Water During a Pandemic: What Could Be More Essential?

By Emma Foster on Wed 08 April 2020

Discover more about the importance of solving water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management during the current global pandemic.

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