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Immunology Without Borders

By Joana Bernardo on Mon 10 June 2019

Lab Unlimited will be present at the British Society for Immunology's Ulster Immunology Group 'Immunology without borders' meeting, taking place on 13th & 14th June 2019 in Belfast.

The meeting will consist of four informative sessions that aim to promote impactful cross-disciplinary research discussions, across diverse ranges of immune related topics and disease areas.


Clinicians, scientists, nutritionists, and pharmaceutical companies are expected to attend, as well global experts in the area of regenerative immunology, immunonutrition, viral infections of the respiratory track and innate lymphoid cell immunology.

According to the organisation,"the greater motive behind the meeting is to create a setting where conventional boundaries can be broken down to allow new insights to our understanding of the immune system."

Lab Unlimited is taking part in this event that celebrates research and science. We will be showcasing some of the best equipment and consumables we have on our Life Science product portfolio, from our partners at Canvax, JULABO, SOLARIS and BioTek.

There will be a poster session at the end of the first day, followed by an optional conference dinner. This is a great opportunity to make some valuable connections and continue exchanging ideas and discussing future advances in immunology.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Discuss the past, present and future advances in immunology
  • Advance the results of recent scientific research with a specific focus on regenerative immunology, nutritional immunology, viral immunology and innate immunity
  • Provide a forum for exchanging ideas, building networks and formulating new research directions

To read the agenda in full, please check the British Society for Immunology's website.

If you would like to know more about the products displayed on the "Immunology Without Borders" meeting, please contact our Sales Team.

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