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Predictions for Flow Chemistry

By Emma Foster on Mon 29 June 2020

Learn about the predictions in continuous flow chemistry and how it can increase lab performance. 

9 reasons to perform flow chemistry

This article focuses on what the future holds for continuous processing and flow chemistry in the coming years. It will highlight how continuous flow chemistry can enhance lab performance and do it more reliably.

After speaking with chemists and business leaders in various industries as well as looking at the general shift within the industry, the Syrris flow chemistry expert was able to reach some important considerations regarding the future of flow chemistry. Some of the considerations include:

  • Continuous flow scale-up will be big business
  • Automated reaction self-optimisation: rise of the machine (learning)
  • Reagentless chemistries on the rise
  • Batch & Flow: Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Reimagining old processes, such as API encapsulation
  • The future is end-to-end personalised medicine

Learn more about the predictions in continuous flow chemistry and how it can increase lab performance.

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