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More Efficient Flow Control for Bioreactors and Bioprocess Systems

By Emma Foster on Wed 29 July 2020 in Home

Learn how to achieve more efficient flow control and the advantages of using bioreactors and bioprocess systems.

Efficient Flow Control

Pharmaceutical industries are turning to biologics, using bioreactors or fermenters, to meet the increasing demand to solve complex and untreatable conditions like cancer and myriad genetic diseases. The change in industry differs from conventional drug making as they are grown in living cells rather than made using chemical processes.

The growth takes place in a controlled environment in a bioreactor or fermenter. There can be unique challenges when it comes to processing in the bioreactor environment and bioprocessing techniques require advanced control schemes along with specific materials and gas control systems. The mass flow needs within the reactors increase rapidly more than they would in common chemical and industrial processes.

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