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ThalesNano Webinars: Hydrogenation

By Emma Foster on Fri 25 September 2020

A series of webinars that focus on high performance hydrogenation and performing chemical reactions safely.

ThalesNano Webinar

ThalesNano Inc. are an innovation-driven company that focus on the development of bench-top flow chemistry instruments and solutions for synthetic chemical challenges. Hydrogenation is one of the most important reactions in chemical synthesis, but there are many disadvantages to these reactions such as:

  • The use of hydrogen cylinders can be dangerous
  • Catalysts can be pyrophoric
  • Reactions can be over complicated with the degassing of solvents and purging the reactor
  • Mixing hydrogen with solvent and catalyst is poor and leads to long reaction times

The series of webinars focuses on performing safe hydrogenation, high performance hydrogenation and the safe and easy handling of catalysts in the laboratory.

To watch the webinar, fill in the table below:

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