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Tired of Washing Your Microplates?

By Joana Bernardo on Thu 20 September 2018

Move up from manual washing & discover the 50 TS Microplate Washer!


Is washing your microplates taking too much time?

Or, do you want more reproducible results while freeing up your time?

Make your life easier in the lab with the 50™ TS plate washer from BioTek. It automates your plate washing steps, not only saving you time, but also freeing you to do other tasks.

What it does?

It automates the aspirate, dispense shake and soak steps required for many assays including cell-based assays, biomagnetic and polystyrene bead-based assays.

With an integrated syringe pump for precise control of all flow rates, this instrument eliminates the risk of insufficient or incorrect washing, which can lead to high background and inconsistent results.

Perfect for conventional plate washing and cell-based assay washing, the 50™ TS allows you to programme all wash parameters such as number of cycles, dispense volume, dispense rate, etc.

Ideally suited for applications like: Cell-based assays, ELISA and ELISPOT assays, in academic, clinical and veterinary diagnostic laboratories.

Watch the video to learn more about the 50™ TS.

This high quality, high performance automated microplate washer comes in 4 models: 8 and 12 tube washing manifold, with or without buffer switching option, at very competitive prices.

Move up from manual washing & discover the 50™ TS plate washer from BioTek!

For more information on this instrument, be sure to check our website or contact our Sales Team to find the right model for your application.


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