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PRESTO® Case Study: Cooling & Heating Reactors
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Designed for precise temperature control as well as rapid temperature changes, the new PRESTO® systems are perfect for temperature simulations situations, like reactor vessels or material stress tests.

Main Features of the PRESTO®:

presto_julabo_temperature control systems.jpg
- Ideal for highly precise, external temperature control tasks
from -92 °C to +250 °C
- Wide working temperature ranges using one thermal fluid
- Rapid heating and cooling
- Powerful circulation pumps, electronically adjustable in
stages or by setting the pressure value

This case study performed by JULABO, tests the reproducibility of heat-up and cool-down processes of a JULABO PRESTO® W92tt with a 100 liters glass reactor.

In the paper, you can see that the reactor was heated up and cooled down between -50°C & +100°C several times. As shown, the process was repeated in the exact same conditions every time, obtaining the same performance results. This not only confirms the reproducibility of the PRESTO®, but also the range's reliability and high performance in temperature control situations.

Download the case study to read the findings in full.

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