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Oxygen Depletion Safety Monitor, O2NE+™

The widespread use of N2, LN2, He or Ar in laboratories poses a potential asphyxiation hazard to personnel. If an inert gas leaks or builds up in a confined area it can deplete the O2 to dangerously low levels.
The use of enriched O2 in laboratories poses both a fire risk and hyperoxia risk to personnel if it were to leak or build up in a confined area.

The O2NE+ and Safe-Ox+ from Analox Sensor Tecnhology are an affordable, low maintenance, long life solution to assist in mitigating the risk of using these gases in your laboratory.

Main Adavantages
Long life, low drift sensor lasts up to 7 years
Minimum calibration check required - only every 12 months (user maintainable)
Simple to read "OK", "Alarm" and "Fault" indication
Easy installation and maintenance can be conducted by the user
Additional (quick connect) alarm repeaters available if more than one entrance to the laboratory
Assists in compliance with Exposure Limit regulations such as EH40
Supplied with relays which can be used to trigger ventilation or building management systems etc.

Oxygen Depletion Safety Monitor, O2NE+™

Oxygen Depletion Safety Monitor, O2NE+™

Analox Sensor Technology O2NE+ Oxygen Depletion Safety Monitor AX1BK10X11Q1Y01
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