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Washer-disinfector PG 8536

PerfectTouch Control
Simple to operate, easy to clean: PG 8535/PG 8536 lab washers feature a touch-sensitive display. All controls lie below a perfectly flush and chemical-proof glass screen embedded into the machine control panel. Its precise response characteristics facilitate programme selection at the touch of a fingertip, even when the user is wearing gloves. All messages appear in plain text which is user-definable.

PerfectPure Sensor
In laboratories, it is essential that chemical residue on loads is prevented as such residue would interfere with subsequent analytical results and cultures. To monitor residuals, the PG 8536 offers the option of PerfectPureSensor conductivity monitoring. This maintenance-free system represents a contact-free way of measuring conductivity in the wash liquor in the 5–40 µS/cm and 40 µS/cm – 100 mS/cm ranges. Undesirable substances, e.g. process chemical salts, are reliably detected and can be minimised by repeating the final rinse cycle until values drop once again to below permissible levels.

The precise dispensing of all process chemicals is a key factor in ensuring reliable, reproducible reprocessing results. Miele’s new PerfectFlow sensor using ultrasound technology offers considerably greater safety margins than conventional systems. The PerfectFlow sensor is a standard feature on the PG 8536 and guarantees a hitherto unparallelled degree of precision in controlling and monitoring volumetric flow, independent of viscosity and ambient temperatures. It operates independently of the dispensing system itself, can be calibrated and adjusted, and is able to issue alerts or abort programmes in the event that prescribed tolerances are exceeded.

PerfectSpeed Sensor
Optimum cleaning and disinfection cannot be achieved if the proper functioning of the spray arms is impaired. The PerfectSpeedSensor, a standard feature on PG 8535 and PG 8536 models, monitors the rotation of each individual spray arm – from the arms in the machine to the ones on board baskets and load carriers, thereby ensuring reproducible results with a good margin of safety. The control unit makes use of a sensor strip outside the chamber to monitor the passage of spray arms, ensuring that speeds are within the prescribed range. If this is not the case, for instance when excessive foaming or dislodged load items cause a blockage or slow spray arms down, a display warning is issued or the programme cycle is interrupted.

PerfectHEPA Drying
Exceptional cleanliness, particularly in the drying phase, is guaranteed by PerfectHepaDrying, another standard feature on PG 8535 and PG 8536 models. The system relies on a HEPA-grade temperature-resistant Class 13 filter able to filter out more than 99.95% of particles. This filter is located directly upstream from the chamber and presents a highly effective barrier to undesirable particles entering the system together with drying air. Furthermore, the design of the air circuit has been optimised to ensure that all parts of the cabinet are reliably exposed to hot air.

A network interface for process documentation is a standard feature on the PG 8535 and PG 8536. This PerfectDoc module is used to connect to process documentation software or, where applicable, to the laboratory’s own network. This allows data to be captured and numerous process parameters, such as time/temperature charts to be plotted and complete process reports
to be compiled, including A0 values, dispensed volumes, spray arm speeds and conductivity. Alternatively, documentation can be done using a printer connected to the machine’s serial interface

Washer-disinfector PG 8536

Washer-disinfector PG 8536

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