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Tissue Vial CryoELITE®, sterile

The CryoELITE® Tissue Vials are specifically designed for tissue collection, transport and storage. Different from cells and biofluids, tissue specimens have particular requirements for cryogenic storage. Offering researchers a uniform vial able to maintain sample integrity while maximizing storage capacity and organization, the CryoELITE Tissue Vials feature a wide-mouth opening, 5mL capacity and high integrity closure. The CryoELITE Tissue Vial offers researchers who work with tissue samples ease of use, convenience and security.
The CryoELITE® Tissue Vials are manufactured from low binding, cryogenicgrade virgin polypropylene that meets the USP Class VI classification. Lot tested and certified to be free of pyrogens, RNase / DNase and endotoxins, the vials have a sample capacity of 5mL and a storage temperature range of -156°C to 121°C. The externally threaded cap provides a seal that exceeds DOT and IATA classifications for diagnostic specimens and their transport and is capable of maintaining a secure closure during freeze/thaw procedures. The vials have a flat bottom and a stippled external surface to promote easier handling.

  • Lot certified RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free providing assurance of product integrity
  • Cap seal exceeds DOT and IATA regulations ensuring ultimate protection of samples during transportation and demanding freeze-thaw handling
  • Wide mouth for insertion and removal of tissue with forceps
  • 5 ml volume for use with tissue sections
  • Directional indicators to allow orientation of tissue within the vial

Tissue Vial CryoELITE®, sterile

Tissue Vial CryoELITE®, sterile

DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton) CryoELITE Tissue Vials 5ml W985100
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Tissue Vial CryoELITE®, 5 ml, sterile||250

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