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Water bath with circulation pump WPE45

The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes and two performance classes. In addition to the Basic class for standard temperature control tasks, the Excellent version provides precise test procedures with a maximum of safety. The 3-sided heating ensures excellent temperature homogeneity.

WNB = water bath, natural circulation, temperature controller BASIC with 2-fold overtemperature protection
WNE = water bath, natural circulation, temperature controller EXCELLENT with 3-fold overtemperature protection, filling level control and calibration option

  • fuzzy-supported, PID microprocessor controller with integral autodiagnostic system and fault indication
  • solid state switching unit
  • 2 class A, 4-wire Pt100 sensors, mutually monitoring and controlling performance at the same temperature value
  • digital timer from 1 min to 999 hours for:
On (continuous operation)
Delayed On
Hold, or set temperature-dependent Hold, with fixed dwell time
  • pump can be switched on and off
  • pump is switched off at programme end
  • digital display (LED) of all set parameters, such as temperature, time and alarm values
  • Calibration facility on controller
  • audible and visual alarms at programme end, as input keypress confirmation and if low liquid level occurs (heating is switched off automatically)
Triple Overtemperature Protection:
  • in case of overtemperature due to fault the heating is switched off at approx. 10°C above the set temperature (fixed value)
  • independent, class 3.1, TWW electronic overtemperature controller or class 2, TWB overtemperature limiter, are adjustable in set-up menu by the user
  • mechanical class 1 TB temperature limiter switches the heating off at approx. 30°C above max. bath temperature
  • set value display resolution: 0.1°C below 99.9°C, 1°C above 100°C

Textured, grade 1.4301 (ASTM 304), corrosion resistant, stainless steel housing

Without covers - please order separately.

Water bath with circulation pump WPE45
Working-temperature range:at least 5 °C above ambient to +95 °C and additional boiling stage
Setting temperature-range:+10 °C to +95 °C and boiling stage
Temperature variation:± 0,1 K
Temperature distribution:± 0,25 K (sizes 7 - 29), ± 0.3 K (size 45)
Working-temperature rangeat least 15°C above ambient up to +95°C
Setting temperature range:+10°C up to +95°C and boiling mode
Power supply:230V, 50Hz

Water bath with circulation pump WPE45

Memmert Waterbath WPE 45 w/o. Lid WPE 45
PART NO.4AJ-9906589
Type||Capacity of the bath litres||Internal dimensions (W x D x H) mm||External dimensions (W x D x H) mm||Min. operating temperature RT + °C||Max. operating temperature °C||Temperature stability ± °C||Bath width mm||Bath tank depth mm||Bath height mm||Width mm||Depth mm||Height mm||Weight kg||Rated capacity kW||Plug type||PK
WPE45||45||590 x 350 x 220||818 x 516 x 296||15||95||0.1||590||350||220||818||516||296||32||2.8||EU||1
WPE 45

Circulation pump

Waterbath circulating

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