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Ultrasonic pipette cleaner PR 140 D / PR 140 DH

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing of pipettes or other glassware.
Short cleaning times, no time-consuming washing. The device is suitable for plastic or glass pipettes, burettes and other glassware.

  • Gentle cleaning of volume-measuring devices and parts with lengths up to 755 mm
  • Heating optional (DH) for dissolving grease residues
  • Robust tank of stainless steel (AISI 316T)
  • Kipp handles for easy transport
  • Placement on the floor nearby the drain
  • Cleaning liquid for multiple use, fast emptying by ball valve

Scope of delivery: Ultrasonic pipette cleaner, pipette basket, lid.
Set PR 140 D and Set PR 140 DH additionally with cleaning concentrate TICKOPUR R 33 (5 l) and TICKOPUR TR 3 (1 l)

Ultrasonic pipette cleaner PR 140 D / PR 140 DH
Effective capacity:9 ... 18 l
Effective cleaning depth:850 mm
Ultrasonic output max.:800 W
Ultrasonic nominal power:
Ultrasonic frequency:
200 W
35 kHz, SweepTec®
Adjustable temperature range:
Heating capacity:
20 ... 80 °C
700 W
Timer:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30 min, continuous
Dimensions, outer (L x W x H):330 x 330 x 1003 mm (without handles and stopckock)
Dimensions, inner (L x W x H):150 x 150 x 895 mm
Weight:28.2 kg
Power supply:230 V , 50/60 Hz
IP code:IP 33

Ultrasonic pipette cleaner PR 140 D / PR 140 DH

Bandelin electronic Ultrasonic pipet cleaner PR 140 DH-Set 2065
PART NO.4AJ-6280456
Type||Capacity of the bath litres||Width of the interior mm||Depth of the interior mm||Height of the interior mm||Ultrasonic power W||Ultrasonic nominal power W||max. frequency kHz||min. heating/ cooling temperature °C||max. heating/ cooling temperature °C||Width mm||Depth mm||Height mm||Weight kg||Heating capacity W||Protection class||PK
Set PR 140 DH||18||150||150||895||800||200||35||20||80||330||330||1003||26.8||700||IP31||1
Bandelin electronic

Pipettes ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic pipette cleaner

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