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polySteribox® sterilisation containers

The polySteribox® from Ritter Medical for sterilisation of instruments, storage and transportation of sterile goods is a secure solution in line with the requirements of validated processes in sterile goods provision. The polySteribox® is available in 4 different standardized sizes (SH, M, L and XL) which are suitable for all current sterilisation automats. polySteribox® is produced out of a transparent, dimensionally stable and high temperature resistant (up to 150 degrees celcius) material. It is therefore suitable for autoclave vacuum sterilisation at 121°C or 134°C depending on the sterilisation method recommended by relevant authorities such as the Robert Koch Institute in Germany. In addition the polySteribox® can be used for plasma sterilisation (STEARRAD®) as well as for gas sterilisation (formaldehyde and ethylene oxide) at a maximum of 65°C. Lid and bottom close hermetically and include a built-in bacteria barrier. For your convenience Ritter offers two kinds of PTFE-filter sets: a permanent / life-time filter or an annual filter which needs to be changed once a year. The patented interlocking system is compatible within all different models and prevents from accidental opening of the box. The boxes are space-saving and easy to stack, therefore they are wellsuited for storage of sterile goods.

polySteribox®  sterilisation containers

polySteribox® sterilisation containers

Ritter Polysteribox XL 41111-0000
PART NO.4AJ-9284268

Boxes autoclavable

Sterilizing boxes

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