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Racks for LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, empty

The new LLG-Pipette tip Refill system ULTRALOW consists of racked tips and easy-to-use, environmentally friendly pipette tip refills.

All LLG-Pipette tips ULTRALOW feature an extremely low liquid retention compared to standard tips due to their hydrophobic inner side. This enables accurate, more complete and more precise dispensing of fluids, even of viscous ones!

LLG refills are easy to use allowing a quick filling of empty racks. Its packaging is made out of recyclable paperback which reduces the overall waste production and thus is absolutely environmentally friendly!

LLG-Pipette tip Refill system ULTRALOW is compatible with all major pipette brands such as LLG-proMLP, Gilson, Eppendorf, Brand, Sartorius, Socorex and others.


  • Ultralow retention tips with easy visible volume graduations
  • Universal fit tips, compatible with common pipette brands
  • Easy-to-use lift-and-load refill system
  • Refill inserts are imprinted with volume and LOT No. for easy identification
  • 50 % less storage space than full racks
  • 70 % reduction in total materials compared to other refill systems
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable packing materials made out of paperboard
  • Rack footprint is compatible with automation and facilitates stacking, autoclavable

Racks for LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, empty

Racks for LLG-Pipette Tips ULTRALOW, empty

Empty Racks For 1250ul Ultralow LLG Labware 6283571
PART NO.4AJ-6283571

Pipette tips empty racks

Tips low retention

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