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Nitrogen and Dry Air Generators for LC/MS instruments

The Parker domnick hunter LCMS20/3 dual flow nitrogen and dry air generators employ robust, field proven technology to meet the nebulisation requirements of LC/MS instruments, both in positive and negative ionisation mode. The LCMS20/3 generators provide two continuous streams of high purity nitrogen and dry air from a single plug & play' unit. Models are available with and without an integral oil free compressor, are extremely quiet in operation and are fully approved for use by major instrumentation manufacturers. Innovative design and technology facilitate optimised operating time, attractive return on investment and proven analytical performance, eliminating the need for other modes of supply.

  • Complete Plug and Play' system specifically designed for LC/MS
  • Produces a continuous supply of LC/MS grade nitrogen 24 hours a day
  • Integral oil free compressor, with noise reduction technology
  • Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous nitrogen cylinders
  • Compact, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance
  • Phthalate-free componentry

Nitrogen and Dry Air Generators for LC/MS instruments
Ambient Temperature Range:5 - 40°C
Inlet Air Quality*:Clean dry compressed air
ISO8573-1:2001 Class 2.-.1
Supply Voltage Range:103 - 126V 60Hz
207 - 253V 50/60Hz
Port Connections
Outlet:1/4" Compression Fitting
Inlet*:1/4" Compression Fitting
*Non compressor models only

Nitrogen and Dry Air Generators for LC/MS instruments

Parker Hannifin Nitrogen- and Dry Air Generator LCMS20-3-1-E LCMS20-3-1-E
PART NO.4AJ-6282079
Type||Dimensions (W x D x H)||Purity Nitrogen||Delivery Pressure||Weight||LC||PK
LCMS20/3-1||510 x 559 x 705 mm||> 99 %||7 bar g||103.00 kg||1||1
Parker Hannifin

Generators nitrogen and dry air

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