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Rotational-Vacuum-Concentrator SpeedDry 2-18 CDplus Package

Inexpensive and compact table-top unit for smaller sample volumes, e.g. for gentle concentration of DNA/RNA, proteins in ethanol/methanol/water solutions and similar analytical steps.

  • Simple operation with the push of a button: interface CDplus, automatic sequence for start and stop, vacuum on and off depending on rotor, automatic aeration, therefore samples are prevented from spitting.
  • Magnetic drive system with speed control: centrifugal force eliminates bumping and foaming, no rotating parts outside the rotor chamber.
  • Fast evaporation: high energy input through electrical heating of rotor chamber, can be set in 1°C intervals from room temperature to +60°C, large cross-section for optimized vapour transport to vacuum pump.
  • Useful for water and solvent containing samples: basic SpeedDry system comes with durable glass cover, stainless steel rotor chamber, chemically resistant sealings, anodized rotors.
  • Broadest range of rotors, large sample capacities.
Equipped with vacuum hose DN16, connection cable to vacuum pump and one rotor for 24 tubes 1.5/2.2ml - further rotors available as accessories, see list below.
Required for operation: chemically resistant diaphragm pump (final vacuum <10mbar, suction capacity approx. 2m³/h) and connecting pieces DN16. (e.g. type MZ 2C, manufacturer VACUUBRAND).

Rotational-Vacuum-Concentrator SpeedDry 2-18 CDplus Package

Membrane Pump Mz 2C Nt Two-Step 732345 Vacuubrand
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