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pH electrodes, IoLine

pH electrodes for the most demanding measuring tasks

The IoLine electrode family with iodine/iodide reference system has been developed to meet the most demanding laboratory measurement tasks. These electrodes are metal ion free and hence ideally suited for measurements that may cause sample contamination by such ions (e.g. silver ions) and for pH measurements in Tris buffers too.

Advantages of IoLine Electrodes over classical Ag/AgCl reference systems are notably by:

  • longer service life thanks to a patented three-chambers Iodine reservoir in the reference electrode.
  • fast reaction, precise measurement and clearly improved stability of measurement values, especially with changing temperatures or at temperatures other than the calibration temperature. This is due to the lower temperature sensitivity of the iodine/iodide reference potential.
  • free choice of the bridge electrolyte, hence optimum adaptation to the sample by double electrolyte system.

The electrodes are available in different membrane glass shapes and types and with different plugs to ensure that the user gets the instrument best suited to his needs. ID versions are available for use with Schott Instruments' ProLab line of high-end laboratory meters.

IoLine electrodes are the right choice for the most critical pH measurements in research and quality control in pharmacy, biotechnology or food industry.

pH electrodes, IoLine

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