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Ultrapure water system arium® mini plus with bag tank

Combined ultrapure water system developed to provide ASTM type 1 and type 3 water. arium® mini is the first ultrapure water system with integrated bag tank technology. The 5-liter bags are made of multilayer and specialized film, conforming to biocompatibility standards. The pure water can be stored in the side integrated 5-liter bag until the production of type 1 pure water. For critical analyses, the built-in UV lamp allows organic substances to be reduced by up to < 5 ppb TOC. Suitable for areas with a daily need < 10 liters. The device is connected directly to the drinking water and treated by special pre-treatment cartridges consisting of a combination of activated carbon and a reverse osmosis module. Typical applications are buffer and media preparation, histology, reagent preparation, ELISA, AAS, IC, photometry, SPE, GC-MS, HPLC/UHPLC and ICP-MS.

-Intuitive menu navigation via colour touch display

  • Optimized purity, due to closed system
  • No need to use cleaning products
  • Delivers a flow rate of 1 liter per minute
  • Volume dispense from 50 ml
  • Small footprint

Ultrapure water system arium® mini plus with bag tank
Product water resistivity (at 25 &deg;C):18,2 MΨ × cm & &< 20 µS/cm
Maximum flow rate:1 L/min (ASTM type 1)/ 8 L/h (type 3)
Total organic carbon (TOC):&< 5 ppb
Line voltage:100 - 240 V

Ultrapure water system arium® mini plus with bag tank

Sartorius Lab arium® mini plus UV H2O-MA-UV-T
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Ultrapure water system arium® mini plus

Ultrapure water system with bag tank

Water purification ultra-pure water systems

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