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Differential pressure measuring instrument testo 521-1

For very accurate differential pressure measurements, e.g. of pressure drop in filter systems, for checking fans and exhaust systems or for pitot tube measurements in ventilation ducts or in process air in the range of 5 to 100 m/s. Please order accessories separately.

  • With integrated, temperature-compensated differential pressure sensor
  • Measurement of flow velocity and volume flow by means of a pitot tube
  • Connection option for 2 additional pressure probes and temperature sensors with extended measuring ranges
  • Long-term monitoring with storage of measurement data individually or as a series
  • Measuring rate and number of values to be stored adjustable by the user
  • Temporal and point averaging
  • Simple switching of the display between mean value, last value and min/max values
  • Available units: mbar, bar, Pa, kPa, inH2O, mmH2O, Torr and psi
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • RS 232 interface for data transfer

Scope of delivery: Differential pressure gauge testo 521-1 incl. calibration protocol and required batteries

Differential pressure measuring instrument testo 521-1
Differential pressure range:
0 ... 100 hPa
±0.2 % of fsv
Static pressure:
0.01 hPa
1000 hPa (abs.)
Hose: inner Ø 4 mm outer Ø 6 mm
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:
0 ... 50 °C
-20 ... 70 °C
Battery life:30 h with integated pressure sensor
Weight:300 g
Power supply:9 V battery / rechargeable battery / Mains unit 12 V

Differential pressure measuring instrument testo 521-1

Testo SE & CO Dual range manometer testo 521-2 05605211
PART NO.4AJ-4663993
Testo SE & CO

Differential pressure measuring instrument

Instrument differential pressure measurement

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