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Vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT®

Fully equipped vacuum controller with capacitive, gas type-independent absolute pressure measurement using an alumina-ceramic diaphragm. While the base unit Vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT® still requires a separate vacuum control valve as an accessory, there is the fully equipped Compact controller VACUU·SELECT® as two-point vacuum regulator with chemical suction line valve.
With connected vacuum valve the VACUU·SELECT® automatically detects the boiling point during solvent evaporation and switches to two-point control mode. The graphical user interface offers predefined vacuum processes for all common laboratory applications. Applications, such as desired vacuum and other parameters can also be put together and controlled individually.

  • Interactive, graphic touch display for easy operation
  • Touchscreen display can be operated with safety gloves
  • Predefined vacuum processes for reproducible results and time savings in the laboratory
  • Fully automatic evaporations at the touch of a button
  • Easy-to-use application editor for creating your own processes
  • Integrated help function
  • Integrated ventilation valve also for inert gas
  • Ethernet/USB (Type A) interface
  • EX approval: II 3/- G IIC T4 X Internal Atm. Only
The fully equipped basic unit without vacuum control valve can be positioned freely. A matching range of accessories offers everything for fitting into a variety of laboratory applications.

Scope of delivery: Vacuum Controller VACUU·SELECT® with integrated ceramic vacuum sensor and venting valve, fold-out stand and power supply.

Please order suction line valves separately.

Vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT®
Measuring range:0,1 ... 1080 mbar
Accuracy:<± 1 mbar / ±1 digit (after adjustment, constant temp.)
Housing:Plastic, good chemical resistance
Connection venting valve:Hose nozzle DN 4-5 mm
Vacuum connection (Compact controllers only):Hose nozzle DN 6/10 mm
Ambient temperatue range:10 ... 40 °C
Dimensions (W x D x H):152 x 127 x 41 mm
Weight:0.745 kg
Power supply:100 ... 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT®

Vacuubrand Vacuum Controller VACUU·SELECT 20700000
PART NO.4AJ-4662426

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