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Synthesis reactor EasySyn 5000 Advanced

Complete reactor system for organic or aqueous syntheses. It ensures safe and reproducible chemical reactions on the way from laboratory to pilot scale.

  • Ergonomically designed stand system for quick and easy replacement of the reactor vessels
  • Double-walled reactor vessel made of borosilicate glass 3.3 with bottom discharge valve
  • Spring-loaded valve spindle of the drain valve to prevent glass breakage
  • Reactor lid with various openings for flexible adaptation to the desired application
  • Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 control
  • Drainage set with valves and temperature control hoses facilitates draining of the reactor vessel
  • With timer, overload protection and temperature measurement (integrated in the overhead stirrer)
  • PTFE-coated propeller stirrer for optimum mixing
  • RS232 and USB interface

Scope of supply: SY stand, reactor vessel SY 5000 D, SY clamp 150, SY clamp ring 150, SY O-ring 150, reactor lid SY 150.1, propeller stirrer R 4013 SY, overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 control, keyless chuck R 60, draining set LT 5.40, stirrer guide

Synthesis reactor EasySyn 5000 Advanced
Max. capacity:5000 ml
Working temperature range:-30 ... 200 °C
Attainable vacuum:25 mbar
Max. torque:100 Ncm
Flange size:DN150
Reactor vessel openings:1 x NS 29/32 center glass joint, 2 x NS 29/32, 1 x NS 14/23
Dimensions (W x D x H):500 x 580 x 1050 mm

Synthesis reactor EasySyn 5000 Advanced

IKA Reactor system EasySyn 5000 Advanced 0020113443
PART NO.4AJ-4685161
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