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Thermo Media Plus Filter Units 1000ml 0.45um 161-0045

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Thermo Media Plus Filter Units 1000ml 0.45um 161-0045
Thermo Media Plus Filter Units 1000ml 0.45um 161-0045
PART NO. 4AJ-9045972
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MeDiameter plus Filter Units 1000ml 0.45µm

Filter units Nalgene™ Rapid-Flow™, SFCA Membrane, sterile
Single-use, disposable filter units for sterile filtration of media and other reagents, and for other highly sensitive cell culture lines. With polystyrene (PS) upper and lower chambers and surfactant-free, cellulose acetate membranes. Colour code: yellow collar. For cell culture. Gamma-irradiated sterile. Low protein binding, with high throughput rate for proteinaceous solutions and minimal extractables content. Lot number, catalogue number, membrane type, pore size and expiration date are printed on filter units bottle tops and receivers for easy identification and lot traceability.

Product Specification:
Product Type: 161
Volume: upper/lower part 1000/1000ml
Thread: 45 GL
Pore size: 0.45 µm
Membrane diam.: 90mm

Manufacturer P/n161-0045
Fisher Ref9045972
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Thermo Fisher:9045972

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