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Lenz Allihn Condensers 250mm 5.2233.04

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Lenz Allihn Condensers 250mm 5.2233.04
Lenz Allihn Condensers 250mm 5.2233.04
PART NO. 4AJ-6205249
Ships in approx.4 weeks
List Price: €53.96

NS 29/32

Condensers acc. to Allihn
Allihn condensers acc. to DIN 12581 and in addition to DIN, for condensing vapours, with NS socket and NS cone, water connection with glass olives, made of DURAN® tubing

Product Specification:
Socket: 29/32* NS
Effective length: 250mm
Cone: 29/32 NS
* DIN 12581

Manufacturer P/n05223304
Fisher Ref9012514
VWR Ref201-0360
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Thermo Fisher:9012514

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