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GE Healthcare SG81 Sheets 460 x 570mm 25pk 3668-915

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GE Healthcare SG81 Sheets 460 x 570mm 25pk 3668-915
GE Healthcare SG81 Sheets 460 x 570mm 25pk 3668-915
PART NO. W3668-915
List Price: €171.62

Chromatography paper / Ion exchange papers
Whatman chromatography papers are the most widely used papers for chromatography worldwide. This acceptance and usage reflects the purity, high quality and consistency of Whatman papers. These qualities are relied upon by chromatographers and essential to successful reproducible chromatography. Whatman chromatography paper media are made from specially selected cotton cellulose. They are rigorously quality controlled for characteristics important to the chromatographer and to ensure uniformity within the grade.
1 Chr world standard chromatography paper. A smooth surface, 0.18mm thick with a linear flow rate (water) of 130mm/30 min. Good resolution for general analytical separations.
3MM Chr widely used as a blotting paper, 3MM Chr is used in both electrophoresis and for general chemistry. A medium thickness paper (0.34mm) used extensively for general chromatography and electrophoresis. Flow rate is 130mm/30 min.
3 Chr medium thickness paper (0.36mm) with a flow rate of 130mm/30 min. For general applications with medium/heavy solute loadings. Frequently used for separation of inorganic compounds and for electrophoresis.
17 Chr thick (0.92mm) and highly absorbent paper with a very high flow rate of 190mm/30 min. Suitable for the heaviest loadings and ideal for preparative paper chromatography and electrophoresis.

Ion exchange paper
SG81: A unique paper (0.27mm thick) combining cellulose and large pore silica gel. Suitable for separations in which both partition and adsorption are important, including the separation of phospholipids, steroids, phenols and dyes. Flow rate is 110mm/30 min.

Product Specification:
Grade: SG81
Dimensions: 460 x 570mm

ManufacturerGE Healthcare
Manufacturer P/n3668-915
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