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B Braun Sterican Needles 0.60 x 60mm 4665600

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B Braun Sterican Needles 0.60 x 60mm 4665600
B Braun Sterican Needles 0.60 x 60mm 4665600
PART NO. 4AJ-6053289
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Disposable needles Sterican® for neural therapy

-In accordance with ISO 7864 and DIN 13097
-Thin-walled needles, made of stainless, chromium-nickel steel, with smooth surface with light silicone coating
-Minimal pain upon puncture
-Transparent Luer-Lock plastic hub, made of Polypropylene (needle hub), colour-coded hub conforms to ISO 6009

Product Specification:
Gauge: 23 x 2 3/8inch
Diam.: 0.6mm
Length: 60mm
Colour: blue

ManufacturerB Braun
Manufacturer P/n4665600
VWR Ref612-0158
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