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8-Channel Microplate Washer BioTek 50TS8

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8-Channel Microplate Washer BioTek 50TS8
PART NO. 4AJ-6287399

Microplate washer 50TS8 w. 8-channel wash comb, for 96 well plates and 8er strips

Microplate Washer 50 TS8


The 50 TS automates the aspirate, dispense shake and soak steps required for many assays including cell-based assays, biomagnetic and polystyrene bead-based assays.

A few examples of the many important applications for 50 TS are:

  • ELISA assays
  • Cell-based assays
  • Biomagnetic separation
  • Vacuum filtration
  • Luminex® xMap® assays
  • Multiplex assays


High quality, high performance automated microplate washing at an affordable price

These qualities make BioTek the #1 plate washer brand in the world. As an ISO certified and FDA registered Medical Device manufacturer, BioTek understands the importance of accurate, repeatable results, low maintenance, and reliability in the clinical and research laboratory.

Application versatility: ELISA to cell-based assays and bead-based assays

Applications for the 50 TS extend far beyond simple dispense and aspirate routines typical of many ELISA processes. Optimize fluid delivery for gentle cell-based assay washing, or run bead-based processes with the available biomagnetic and vacuum filtration modules.

Color touchscreen for quick, easy programming and operation

The 50 TS software includes pre-defined protocols with commonly used wash parameters for quick selection. Creating custom protocols onboard the 50 TS is easy – the touchscreen and menu-driven software make multi-step program creation intuitive and simple!

Automated maintenance routines for continued reliable operation

Pre-defined, automated maintenance routines, including daily and overnight protocols keep the fluid path clean and prevent buildup of salt, protein or other material that can block manifold tubes, causing inadequate washing.

Automated switching of up to 3 buffers

To facilitate complex wash protocols or automated maintenance routines, the automated buffer switching capability adds even greater automation to the system.


Microplate types 24-, 96-, 384-well plates
(96- and 384- well: standard and low profile plates; solid and filter bottom (option), 24-well plates with 4-well manifold)
Onboard software Up to 75 user-programmable protocols
Quick menu
Create or edit custom protocols
Run protocols created onboard or downloaded from LHC™ Software
Software (computer control) Optional: 
Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC), for external computer control and operation
LHC Software LHC Secure for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Separation Biomagnetic separation (“M” configurations)
Vacuum filtration (“F” configurations)
Shaking Programmable in minutes and seconds up to 30 minutes
5 intensities from 15-19 Hz
Soaking Programmable in minutes and seconds up to 30 minutes
User interface 4.3" color LCD touchscreen display

Manifold types 96-well washing: 8-well, 8-well short tube, 2x8-well, 12-well manifolds 
96-384-well washing: 16-well manifold
24-well washing: 4-well manifold
Volume range 25-3,000 µL-well
Wash cycles 1-10
Buffer/reagent selection Auto switching module for up to 3 buffers ("V" configurations)
Supply bottle 2L
4L (optional)
Dispense precision 96-well plate:
8- and 8s-well manifold, 300 µL/well: <3.0% CV 
12-well manifold, 300 µL/well: <3.0% CV 
2x8-well manifold, 300 µL/well: <4.0% CV
384-well plate, 8-, 16-well manifold, 100 µL/well: <4.0% CV 
24-well plate, 4-well manifold, 120 µL/well): <4.0% CV 
Residual volume 96-well plate:
8-, 8s-, 12-well manifold,3 cycles, 300 µL/well: <2.0 µL/ well 
2x8-well manifold, 3 cycles, 300 µL/well: <4.0 µL/ well 
Filter bottom, 8-, 2x8-, 12-well manifold: <1.2 g increase after blotting
384-well plate: 8-, 16-well manifold, 1 cycle, 100 µL/ well: <4.0 µL/ well 
24-well plate: 4-well manifold, 1120 µL/ well: <50 µL/well
Wash speed 96 wells:
2x8 manifold, 3 cycles, 300 µL/well: <80s 
12-well manifold, 3 cycles, 300 µL/well: <90s 
8- and 8s-well manifold, 3 cycles, 300 µL/well: <130s 
384 wells, 8- and 16-well manifold, 3 cycles, 100 µL/well: <260s 
24 wells, 4-well manifold,1 cycle, 1120 µL/well: <60s
Wash volume 25-3,000 µL well
Waste bottle 2L
4L (optional)
Flow rates 150 to 1000 µL/well/second (manifold dependent)
Sterilization Chemical
Fluid delivery One positive displacement syringe drive

Power External 24VDC power supply compatible with 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 8 inches 
(35.6 x 40.6 x 16.5 cm)
Weight 22 lbs (9.8 kg)
Connectivity 1 USB port for computer control

Regulatory CE and TUV marked. ROHS compliant. In Vitro Diagnostic use models are available.

Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factorytest values.


The 50 TS offers convenient, powerful onboard software for easy programming and operation. To extend programming capabilities, LHC Software is available for computer control.

LHC Software allows computer-based programming of multi-step processes and it is used for integrating BioTek’s multi-mode washer dispensers, washers and dispensers into robotic systems. You can operate the system under computer control via LHC, or create protocols in LHC and download to the instrument for recall and execution.

LHC Secure software offers features to facilitate compliance to FDA directive 21 CFR Part 11 with computer control of BioTek’s Multi-Mode Washer Dispensers, Washers and Dispensers.


Part No. 96-well Buffer Switching
50TS8 *  
50TS8V * *
50TS12 *  
50TS12V * *
Manufacturer P/n50TS8
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