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FFP2 KN95 Virus Protection Face Mask 2 pack GB2626-2006KN5

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FFP2 KN95 Virus Protection Face Mask 2 pack GB2626-2006KN5
FFP2 KN95 Virus Protection Face Mask 2 pack GB2626-2006KN5
PART NO. 6-GB2626-2006KN5
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The FFP2 KN95 Protective Masks are an effective way of protecting those against dust, haze particles, droplets and helps in preventing the spread of possible infection. They are intended to be worn in a dusty, polluted environment and are designed for the filtration of airborne particles. They assist in preventing the spread of infection in public settings.

The ergonomic 3D solid design is used to fit the face whilst remaining tight. The mask is comfortable to wear and breathable once they're on. It is important to check the tightness of the mask so that it is in the correct position. These masks are not suitable to be washed as it will destroy the structure and filtering performance.

Key Features:

  • 3D curved design for comfortable wearing and breathability
  • 5-layer protection against filters droplets, dust and pollen
  • Seal at the bridge of the nose improves the adhesion of the item
  • Do not fall off, comfortable to wear and the mask is designed with high strength
  • Suitable for manufacturing, car manufacturing, sports, running, hiking, climbing, etc


- Size: 148x130x280mm/GB2626-2006

- Executive Standard: EN 149;2001 + A1;2009 (CE Approved)

- Product Performance: PPE>95% reaching KN95 Level

- Raw Material: 76% of non-woven fabric, 24% of melt-blown fabric

ManufacturerGenlitec Power Technology
Manufacturer P/nGB2626-2006KN95

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