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Legionella Spp Condagene Condalab 6517

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Legionella Spp Condagene Condalab 6517
Legionella Spp Condagene Condalab 6517
PART NO. CL-6517
Price: €695.00

The kit is for the detection and quantification system for Legionella Spp in wate samples and it complies with the technical specifications of document ISO/TS 12869.  The reliability of the results and the adequacy of the intended purpose are conditioned by a good recovery during the concentration and elution phase. This phase is not within the scope of this kit and depends on the good practices of each laboratory. It is recommended to follow the provisions of the current ISO 11731 Legionella Count standard. The primer and probe set are compatible with a viability PCR procedure.


  • PCR Efficiency. Dilutions 10exp0-10exp3, triplicate: 75%-125% 
  • Slope Calibration Curve (y=ax+b): -4,115< a < -2,839
  • LD qPCR <10 UG (n=10): LD qPCR > 90%
  • Internal Control Signal (Ct): 28-32
  • Negative Control Signal (Ct): No signal 
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