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Xylem - WTW KCL 250ml Bottle KCL 109705

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Xylem - WTW KCL 250ml Bottle KCL 109705
Xylem - WTW KCL 250ml Bottle KCL 109705
PART NO. X-109705
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Reference electrolyte, 1 bottle with 250 ml KCl solution 3M/l

Electrolytes and cleaning solutions
Electrolytes are used as refill solutions for liquid filled electrodes as well as a storage solution for all types of pH electrodes. With the pepsin cleaning solution, you can remove protein precipitation from the diaphragm of electrodes with liquid electrolyte.

Product Specification:
Type: KCl-250
Description: Reference electrolyte, 3 mol/l KCl
Capacity: 250 ml

ManufacturerXylem - WTW
Manufacturer P/n109705
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