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Canvax PickMutant™ Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit MT001

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Canvax PickMutant™ Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit MT001
List Price: €98.00

PickMutant™ Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit, for a reliable, robust & highly efficient site-directed mutagenesis based in pcr

PickMutant™ is a reliable, robust and highly efficient PCR-based Mutagenesis Kit. Extremely easy-to-use, the kit allows creating single or multiple point mutations, deletions or insertions using a rapid and easy protocol. All these mutation could be obtained by PCR using a FastPANGEA™ High Fidelity DNA Polymerase and well-designed Mutagenesis primers. The assembled mutagenic PCR fragments is cloned into Canvax™ pSpark® Cloning vector, specially designed to clone blunt PCR fragments with high efficiency or into other vector designing, in this case, an additional specific vector primer pair.

Main Features:

Highly Effective point mutations (single or multiple), deletions or insertions. Easy and fast protocol: it takes less than 3 hours in one step procedure. Cost avoidance: compatible with any bacterial strains or primers. Versatile: compatible with any Cloning vector. Efficient: includes highly efficient pSpark® to clone blunted fragments. Robust: simultaneous assemble and clone of PCR fragments. Risk-free: product covered by Canvax Quality 100% Guarantee.

Includes: Includes for 15 rxn: - 150 µL Proofreading DNA Polymerase MasterMix (2x) - 300 U Glue Enzyme (10 U/µL) - 40 µL Glue Enzyme Buffer (10x) - 5 µL Insert Control DNA - 15 µL pSpark® I (20 ng/µL)

Applications: Site-directed Mutagenesis. Study protein function. Identify enzyme active sites. Design new proteins.

Format: 15 rxn
Shipping conditions: Gel Pack
Storage Conditions: -20ºC
Manufacturer P/nMT001
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