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2 Station Controlled Atmosphere Chamber Plas-Labs 855-ACB/EXP

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2 Station Controlled Atmosphere Chamber Plas-Labs 855-ACB/EXP
2 Station Controlled Atmosphere Chamber Plas-Labs 855-ACB/EXP

Glove Box, Multiple operator.

Our 855-ACB contains all the features of the single operator unit, but it has more capacity. It is ideal for two or more operators working together up to a maximum of four (4) people. Two people each side. NOTE: The maximum working pressure is 6" of WC.

The Drying Train Function.
The drying train includes its own vacuum pressure pump and six (6) polycarbonate canisters filled with Molecular SieveTM. The canisters are attached in series on the top and back of the unit. All canisters are connected using self sealing quick disconnects so as not to disturb the inner atmosphere when recharging them.

The Molecular Sieve™ acts as an atmosphere purifying medium. Most impurities produced by research will adhere to the granules. It also acts as a drying agent as moisture is produced. As moisture is absorbed, the Molecular Sieve™ will turn color to a dark brown.

The Molecular Sieve™ can be rejuvenated by heating in a hot oven for three (3) hours at 450º F. NOTE: You must remove the Molecular Sieve™ from the plastic canisters before recharging (baking).

What’s included with the glove box:
  • Two (2) pairs of white ambidextrous Hypalon gloves.
  • Two (2) vacuum pressure pumps. One each for the drying train and the transfer chamber purging cycle.
  • Two (2) Catalyst Heaters and four (4) Palladium canisters.
  • Manual controls for purging, lights, and drying train operation.
  • A "Bright Light" illumination system with a 40,000 hour lamp guarantee.
  • Hospital grade multiple electric outlet (socket) strip.
  • Optically clear plastic top and bottom sections with "Easy Clean" corners.
  • Transfer chamber size 12" long X 11" I.D. (305mm X 280 mm I.D).
  • Two year (24 month) standard warranty (Not gloves or consumables).

Technical Specifications:

Inside Dimensions: 1520mm x 960mm x 790mm
Outside Dimensions: 1930mm* x 1190mm x 1070mm
Volume: 40.9 Cubic Ft. / 1,157 Liters
Weight (Lbs): 685
Weight (Kg): 311 Kilos

*width includes transfer chamber
Manufacturer P/n855-ACB/EXP
TypeControlled Atmosphere 2 Station
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