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Uvex SKYPER S 9196 Safety Glasses 9196.265

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Uvex SKYPER S 9196 Safety Glasses 9196.265
Uvex SKYPER S 9196 Safety Glasses 9196.265
PART NO. 4AJ-9005124
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Transparent/UV, 2-1.2, supravision HC-AF
Specially designed for smaller head sizes

Safety Eyeshields uvex skyper 9195 / skyper S 9196
colour: blue, skyper 9195
Extremely lightweight (approx. 30g), modern, safety eyeshields with panoramic field of view and excellent fit. Five individual side-arm lengths with integral pull-out stops. The soft frame ensures a pressure-free fit and can be finely adjusted. Lenses and frame are made of impact resistant, synthetic material. Matt finish side shields offer extra protection from reflected light
colour: blue, skyper S 9196
Skyper S is a smaller model of Skyper 9195, specially designed for smaller head sizes. Provide the same features as Skyper 9195.

Coating of the lens
supravision HC-AF: outside scratch-resistant, inside non-fogging, 100 % UV protection
optidur NCH: excellent scratch and chemical resistance, 100 % UV protection

Product Specification:
Product Type: Skyper S 9196
Lens: transparent/UV, 2-1.2, supravision HC-AF

Manufacturer P/n9196.265
Carl Roth RefP825.1
VWR Ref111-8241
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Safety spectacles

Carl Roth:P825.1
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