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Dataphysics OCA 15 Plus 2000378

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Dataphysics OCA 15 Plus 2000378
Dataphysics OCA 15 Plus 2000378
PART NO. D-2000378

- Video based contact angle measuring device

- Software controlled measurement and analysis of the static and dynamic contact angle according to the Sessile & Captive drop-method as well as the shape of pendant drops
- Determination of the wettability of solid surfaces, the surface free energy of solids and other components and the calculation of the surface and interfacial tension based on the analysis of the drop shape

- Upgradable to OCA 20

Consisting of:
* Basic module with linear stage for the installation of the optics
* Lighting electronics and the dosing unit
* Measuring table, adjustable in three axis, for the accurate positioning of the sample
* Lens mount with adjustable tilt
* High-performance 6x parfocal zoom lens with an integrated continuous fine focus
* Video system with adapter and ccd-camera
* High performance video digitizing board for the pc (pci-bus)
* Halogen lighting with continuous adjustable intensity without hysteresis for a homogeneous back lighting
* Power supply

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