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Reagecon Conductivity Standard 50 CSKC50

Reagecon Conductivity Standard 50 CSKC50

PART NO: 4AJ-6074754
Price: €188.25
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Microsiemens/cm 25°C


Conductivity Solutions
Conductivity standards, aqueous based and non-hazardous for handling and transport. Tested and ISO17025 certified at 25°C with an uncertainty of measurement of ±1%. Directly traceable to N.I.S.T. Temperature dependence data is printed on the label as are lot numbers and expiry dates. Supplied in 500ml and HDPE bottle (1.3 1/4S/cm single use in 250ml bottle)

Product Specification:
Product Type: 50µS/cm
Capacity: 500 ml

Catalogue Number6.074 754
ManufacturerReagecon Diagnostics
Manufacturer P/nCSKC50
Capacity ml500
Type µS/cm50

Reagecon Buffer Solution pH6.80 ±0.01 25(deg)C 1L 106825
PART NO: 4AJ-4011246
Price: €36.70
Reagecon Buffer Solution pH 4.00 104025
PART NO: 4AJ-6228259
Price: €34.39

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