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Behr Temperature And Time Controller Trs 300 B00217820

Behr Temperature And Time Controller Trs 300 B00217820

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Microprocessor Controlled Unit

TRS 300 programmable temperature and time control unit
Programmable control unit for behrotest® digester blocks

behr one-button operation for particularly easy and quick programming. Menu navigation in the language of the country. 10 optionally configurable programs for block temperature and digestion time.
The TRS 300 has a special COD program which has already been set by the plant. Therefore in the operation mode *COD* it heats up to a temperature which is 20°C above the set target temperature. After inserting the samples, the 20°C higher target value remains for another 6 minutes. This procedure ensures heating up to 148°C within 10 minutes which is specified by the ISO norm, and at the same time causes extremely high temperature constancy during the subsequent reaction process. The supplied Windows software permits the user to transfer time/temperatures profiles, which are specifically for the application, via the RS232 interface in both directions between one or more units (TRS 300) and a PC. Temperature data can also be transmitted from the unit to the PC via the RS232 interface while operating. The user can save them if necessary and print them out as graphics. Integrated safety function switches the connected units off if there is a short-circuit and an interruption of the temperature sensor.

Product Specification:
Product Type: TRS 300
Description: Temperature and control unit

Catalogue Number6.229 909
Manufacturer P/nB00217820
DescriptionTemperature and control unit
TypeTRS 300
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