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Eppendorf Assortment Pack Combitips Advanced 0030089936

Eppendorf Assortment Pack Combitips Advanced 0030089936

PART NO: 4AJ-9283167
Price: €15.70
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(1 Pc. Of Each Size Plus Each 1 Pc. 25 ml And 50 ml Adapter)

Pipette tips, Eppendorf Combitips advanced®
The Eppendorf Combitips have been completely redesigned and optimised so that they are capable of meeting the increased requirements of a modern laboratory to a greater extent than ever before. The result is the Combitips advanced®. As they offer a wide variety of advantages in comparison with the Combitips plus, we talk about the 360° Evolution. The Combitips advanced replace the Combitips plus.
The Combitips advanced also function according to the positive displacement principle. Thus they always dispense the correct desired volume independently of the density of the liquid and its flow characteristics (e.g. increased vapour pressure or increased viscosity). Working with radioactive, aggressive or toxic materials also becomes safer due to the hermetically sealed piston preventing aerosol contamination. After dispensing with the Multipette, just eject the Combitips advanced and dispose of.
Whether Multipette 4780, Multipette plus, Multipette stream or Xstream - the Combitips advanced are optimized for all Multipette models to create the perfect connection!

Product Specification:
Product Type: Combitips advanced® Assortment pack (1pc. of each size plus each 1pc. 25ml and 50ml adapter)
Colour code:

Catalogue Number9.283 167
Manufacturer P/n0030089936

Lid 10 x 10mm PP Kartell 1962
PART NO: 4AJ-9406440
Price: €23.80

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