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LLG Macro-Cuvettes 10mm 9406011

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LLG Macro-Cuvettes 10mm 9406011
PART NO. 4AJ-9406011
In Stock: 125
List Price: €5.47

Disposable plastic cells - PS

The new generation of cuvettes with clearly improved, photometric properties. The new optimized shape and narrow wall thickness of the cuvettes provides increased heat transfer, resulting in more constant sampl

Disposable plastic cells, PS
The shape and narrow wall thickness of the cuvettes enable an excellent heat transfer resulting in constant sample temperatures during photometric measurements.
-Cavity sorted
-Glass clear polystyrene (PS)
-Applicable wavelength range 340nm to 900nm
-Very low variation of extinction values
-Excellent optical transmission range
-Path length 10mm
-Overall dimensions 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 45mm
-Styrofoam racks: 100 cuvettes in a styrofoam box with cover

Product Specification:
Product Description: Macro
Capacity: 4.0ml
Path length: 10.0mm
Material: PS
Operating range: 340 to 900 nm

ManufacturerLLG Labware
Manufacturer P/n9406011
VWR Ref271-1120
Capacity ml4.0
Path length mm10.0
Operating range nm340 to 900
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Disposable plastic cells

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