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B-Safety Refill Pack Quickfix BR 353 030

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B-Safety Refill Pack Quickfix BR 353 030
B-Safety Refill Pack Quickfix BR 353 030
PART NO. 4AJ-9733825
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30-Parts Finger Dressing 120X20mm

Refill for Plaster Dispenser QuickFix
Pull and you immediately have a plaster ready for use. Each plaster is individually packed. This provides great hygienic safety. Ready for use at critical workplaces. The plasters are made of protective, low-allergenic, PE material that allows the skin to breathe and are especially suitable for damp workplaces. The QuickFix dispenser is only 23cm wide and 13.5cm high. Refilling of the dispenser is also possible with other types of the QuickFix range. Order Dispenser seperately.

Contents: QuickFix 30-parts finger dressing

QuickFix Elastic Long Refill, 30-parts finger dressing
Elastic plasters, conforming to the movements of the skin and therefore very comfortable to wear. The plasters allow the skin to breathe.
-Solves most accidents quickly, easily and hygienically

Manufacturer P/nBR 353 030
DescriptionQuickFix 30-parts finger dressing
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