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Vilber Lourmat TLC Viewing Cabinet CN-6 4110 0060 1

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Vilber Lourmat TLC Viewing Cabinet CN-6 4110 0060 1
Vilber Lourmat TLC Viewing Cabinet CN-6 4110 0060 1
PART NO. 4AJ-9971926
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Price: €228.00

Without UV handlamps

TLC Viewing cabinets, CN-6/ CN-15
Model CN-6:
-for one or two UV hand lamps model BVL-6; choice of combined wavelengths 254nm, 312nm and 365nm
-cabinet dimensions (W x D x H): 300mm x 280mm x 240mm

Model CN-15:
-integral high intensity UV lamps, extra large capacity; easy access also for large samples; white-light bulb for normal observation
-removable bottom panel for use with an BETXF Professional Line transilluminator
-cabinet dimensions (W x D x H): 505mm x 415mm x 280mm

Product Specification:
Product Type: CN-6
Description: without UV handlamps

Manufacturer P/n4110 0060 1
Descriptionwithout UV handlamps
Tubes W-
Wavelength nm-
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Cabinets viewing, TLC

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