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TKA 6L Direct Connect System Pre-Treatment 09.2006

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TKA 6L Direct Connect System Pre-Treatment 09.2006
PART NO. 6-09.2006
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List Price: €325.38

TKA 6L/Hour Direct Connect Water Treatment Systems Pre-Treatment Cartridge
Combined Cartridge with integrated pre-treatment ( Particle filter, Hardness Stabiliser and Activated Carbon ) and 6L/hour Reverse Osmosis Module

Use with:
- TKA MicroLab
- TKA MicroMed
- TKA Smart2Pure 6L/hr system

Accessories for pure and ultrapure purification systems Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™

Product Specification:
Part Description: Pretreatment Pack for Smart2Pure 6

Manufacturer P/n09.2006
DescriptionReverse Osmosis membrane with integrated pretreatment, 6 L/hr
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Water purification system accessories

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