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ColiMinder Industrial Standard CMI-02

ColiMinder Industrial Standard CMI-02


The ColiMinder® CMI-02 is a fully automated measurement system which measures microbiological contamination in water samples. It is a standard industrial device suitable for monitoring bio-contaminated water samples to use in applications subject to tough environmental conditions (IP65, powder-coated aluminium housing) and can measure the samples within 15 minutes.

For measurement frequency, the devices 15-minute measurement is followed by a 9-minute cleaning cycle. The continuous mode means that is can make up to 54 measurements a day and interval mode means that the time between measurements can be set manually by staff. Persistent mode uses samples and will focus solely on sample 1 or 2 whereas alternating mode can focus on both. If needed, measurement frequency can be increased to approx. 80 a day for a short period without cleaning.  

The key features of this device include:

  • Fully automated sampling, measurement, cleaning and calibration
  • Data can be viewed online and there are automatic notifications
  • Up to 1000 measurements can occur without staff needed
  • Up to 54 measurements a day
  • Controlled through the internet
  • 2 sample intakes and more are optional

When it comes to data transfer and visualization, measurements data can be directly transmitted to a server using the internet and live data visualization can be shown on a dedicated website where the results can be downloaded.  There is the option to get automatic notifications to be sent via email or SMS or results can be saved to a USB flash drive directly from the device itself.

Application Fields include:

  • Drinking Water
  • Waste Water
  • Industrial Water
  • Surface Water
  • Bathing Water


- Measurement time for quantitative results: 15 min.

- Performance (measurements per day) Standard: up to 56 (1x cleaning) or up to 45 (2x cleaning)

- Special case (with reduced cleaning): up to 80

- Number of sample intakes: standard is 2 (optional - 10)

- Housing: IP 65 (powder coated aluminum)

- Full working cycle incl. automatic cleaning: < 30 min.

- Power supply: 90-264V AC - 150W max

- Space for device W x H x D: 60 cm x 60cm x 30cm

- Dimensions W x H x D: 55 cm x 50cm x 21 cm

- Weight: 17 kg

- Detection limit (E.coli): 0.8 mMFU/100ml

- Detection limit (Enterococci): 0.5 µGU/100ml

- Detection limit (Total Bacteria): 0.5 µU/100ml

- Temperature range for operation: 0°C to 40°C

- Reagent cooler: 0°C-20°C, 90W

Manufacturer P/nCMI-02
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